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Benchmarking RedisGreen: A Redis Hosting Service

We recently found ourselves needing a redis instance for an app to be deployed on Heroku. It would serve as a shared cache between Node.js instances across multiple dynos. While interfacing with an EC2 instance could offer a static IP address, and the Proximo addon’s Elite or Enterprise plans could give us a way around this limitation, we decided to look at hosted services.

Services for what? Redis. A major benefit to starting off with redis, rather than say memcached, is that we can easily make use of its data structures for job queues and other features down the line, if needed.

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Setting Up the New Blog

I’ve decided to setup a new blog with Octopress to ramble about software development and computer science. You’re looking at the new site. Hopefully I’ll have something up here other than this small intro soon!

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